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  • PerfectStart™

Call or email us to enquire more about our music instruments starter programs.

PerfectStart™ +3

Perfect for those who are set on learning a selected music instrument but would like to have an extended trial experience before enrollment. It consists of 3 individual lessons of 30minutes each.

PerfectStart™ 1+3

Perfect for those who are keen to learn a music instrument but not sure of which to start.

This sample class consist of 1 group class (2hrs) introducing 4 different instruments – Piano, Ukulele/Guitar, Violin, and Drums. It is followed by 3 individual (one-to-one) lessons (30mins each) of each selected instrument.

PerfectStart Babies™

Come experience our ongoing Music Together Family classes with your little bundle of joy. Trial class (45min) is fully refundable upon enrolment.

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