Our Programs

Perfect Babies™

– We are a licensed centre for conducting Music Together , a music program from USA,  for babies from age 8 months to 3 years old. This is a parent-accompanied program. Perfect for developing music capacity right from a very young age, at the same time involving parents and caregivers in the music educational process to bond with their young ones. A great learning experience for the family too. Find out more …


Perfect Tots™

Upbeat™ program from Australia for toddlers age 3 to 5 years.  There are altogether 3 Levels – Prep Level, Level One and Level Two. Each level are split into Sub level A and B complete with age-appropriate songs and activities for music development.  Perfect music foundation program that provides clear, simple and engaging activities covering most areas in music literacy. Find out more …


Instrument Classes

Music instrument programs available in Individual or Group Classes from Pre-Grade level, Grades 1-8 to Diploma level. Regular weekly classes or flexi programs for busy individuals are available. Find out more …

Instruments:     Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Guitar,Trumpet and vocals. Perfect Pitch City Square Mall is an approved ABRSM Public Exam Centre.


Special Programs

Group Theory Classes -Prep for Grade 2 and Grade 5 ABRSM Theory exams.

Group Choir Classes – Perfect for students who are undertaking a music instrument course or vocal lessons, to hone their singing skills in a group setting.


PerfectStart™ Programs


PerfectStart 1+3™

Perfect for those who are keen to learn a music instrument but not sure of which to start.

1 group class (2Hrs) introducing 4 different instruments + 3 individual (one-to-one) lessons (30mins each) of one selected instrument. Find out more …


PerfectStart +3™

Perfect for those who are set on mastering a selected music instrument and would like to try out a few lessons before committing to program.

3 individual (one to one) lessons of 30min each.   Find out more …


PerfectStart Babies™

Perfect as a sampler of our Music Together & Family Classes where you join in our ongoing classes for 3 lessons for that bonding musical experience. Find out more …