Our Programs

Perfect Babies™

– We are a licensed centre for conducting Music Together , a music program from USA,  for babies from age 8 months to 3 years old. This is a parent-accompanied program. Perfect for developing music capacity right from a very young age, at the same time involving parents and caregivers in the music educational process to bond with their young ones. A great learning experience for the family too. Find out more …



Our new pre-school music preparatory program, provides the perfect incubation platform to prepare our young tots for progressing to individual instrument classes. Perfect music foundation program that provides clear, simple and engaging activities covering most areas in music literacy. Find out more …


Instrument Classes

Music instrument programs available in Individual or Group Classes from Pre-Grade level, Grades 1-8 to Diploma level. Regular weekly classes or flexi programs for busy individuals are available. Find out more …

Instruments:     Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Guitar,Trumpet and vocals. Perfect Pitch City Square Mall is an approved ABRSM Public Exam Centre.


Special Programs

Group Theory Classes -Prep for Grade 2 and Grade 5 ABRSM Theory exams.

Group Choir Classes – Perfect for students who are undertaking a music instrument course or vocal lessons, to hone their singing skills in a group setting.


PerfectStart™ Programs


PerfectStart 1+3™

Perfect for those who are keen to learn a music instrument but not sure of which to start.

1 group class (2Hrs) introducing 4 different instruments + 3 individual (one-to-one) lessons (30mins each) of one selected instrument. Find out more …


PerfectStart +3™

Perfect for those who are set on mastering a selected music instrument and would like to try out a few lessons before committing to program.

3 individual (one to one) lessons of 30min each.   Find out more …


PerfectStart Babies™

Perfect as a sampler of our Music Together & Family Classes where you join in our ongoing classes for 3 lessons for that bonding musical experience. Find out more …